Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fall Fragrances

This post could have easily been an exhaustively long list of fragrances I wear in the fall. In an effort to consolidate my list, I narrowed my list down to two fragrances (from seven…) that I exclusively wear during the cooler months of the year.

First up is the Tom Ford Velvet Orchid. Like most of the Tom Ford fragrances I've tried, this perfume is sexy and bold —a bit of an exhibitionist I may add— while still being slightly more floral and more feminine than its predecessor Black Orchid. While I do own both Black Orchid and Velvet Orchid,  I slightly prefer Velvet Orchid since it's slightly more wearable for during the day while still being bold enough for the evening.

Next is Jo Malone's Vanilla Anise Cologne is a fragrance that I frequently snag from my sister. This one is a sweet vanilla scent but I think the anise in the scent keeps the scent from being sickly and cloying. Since the scent gives me such a warm and almost nostalgic feeling, I feel it pairs perfectly with the whole back-to-school season (which for the first time in my life I will no longer experience this year </3).

What are some fragrances you are drawn to during the fall and winter?

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Scandinavian Haul

Apologies for my hiatus! Starting up my blog a couple of months before starting  bar review was poor planning on my part. For a quick update on my end, I graduated law school, took the bar exam in two states and then took a trip to Scandinavia. As a result of my trip, I did a little bit of beauty shopping for items that are not accessible in America and wanted to share those items with you today. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Products I've Repurchased: Lips

Next up in my series are lip products! Since my weakness are lip products, particularly lipsticks, I hardly ever repurchase them. I have so many lip products that even if a particular lipstick is a holy grail item for me, it takes me a long time to use it up since I am always switching up my lip products! However, these three lip products are ones that I somehow managed to use up and repurchase.

You can tell how worn and abused these three are by the packaging. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Products I've Repurchased: Eyes

Welcome to my first blog mini series on makeup products I've repurchased! This is a post I was considering on doing for a while but seeing that there are so many products I have repurchased over the years and continue to love, I decided that it would be best to break it up into eyes, lips, and face. Today's post will go up on Monday, the post on lips will go up on Wednesday and face products will go up on Friday. I decided to leave face products last since it will be the longest and most exciting (at least I think so!). 

Let's carry on, shall we?

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Warm Weather Lip Acquisitions

Now that warm weather is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere, I wanted to share some new lip products I've picked up the past couple of weeks inspired by the rise in temperature. Whether you are located north or south of the Equator line, here are some lip products you may want to check out.

Monday, April 20, 2015

DIY Spot Cleaner for Makeup Brushes

Admit it, you dread deep cleaning your brushes and spot cleaners can be pricey. I came up with this idea after hearing Wayne Goss and Lisasz09 mention on their YouTube channels that they used rubbing alcohol to clean their brushes. After years of experimenting (yes I said years) and tweaking this solution, I think I have found the right mixture.

So if you want to see how I can clean off dark eye shadow from a white bristled brush in seconds, then just keep reading!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

My Go-To Beauty Reference Websites

What make the internet good? The accessibility of great information. What makes the internet bad? The accessibility of BAD information. Here are a list of my favorite skincare and cosmetic reference sources when looking for a new product. Of course, I don't limit myself to just these sites but these are ones I often rely on.

Cosdna-  This site doesn't have the sexiest interface but it is absolute gold when it comes to skincare. What you do is type in the product you are interested in buying and what comes up is a list of the product's ingredients in order from highest concentration to lowest. Next to each ingredient is it's function in the product, an acne rating, irritation rating, and the ingredient's safety scale. The basis of most of the ratings are based on reports from the FDA (USA), RTECS (Canada), and other governmental resources. Of course, I am not sure how often this database is updated but it is always helpful especially if you have sensitive and acne-prone skin like I do.

Paula's Choice & Beautypedia- I use this site to look up articles on debunking different skincare myths and explaining a variety of different skin conditions. They also have their "beautypedia" page where they rate hundreds of products, both skincare and makeup, based on the product's claims, performance, pricing and so much more.

MakeupAlley- What beauty junkie hasn't used this trusty site? This website is a resource of anonymous product reviews where the user can find and filter reviews based on skin type, skin color, age, and more. What I really appreciate is that they have their own app available for both Android and iPhone which makes it ideal to research a product while you are in store.

Findation- This is a site where you put in a list of foundations and its shade that you know match you in order to find your perfect match in a different foundation. I always use this whether I am buying a foundation online or in a drugstore with no testers.  I even use this before buying foundations in Sephora or makeup counter to help narrow my search. I often find that some sales associates do a poor job matching me to a foundation often making me look like the Pink Panther or Pikachu once I walk out of the store. This source helps me feel more confident that the shade a sales associate matches me to would actually work for me.

Cosmetic Calculator- Out of all the sources I have mentioned so far, this is the only site that is geared toward the post-purchase rather than the pre-purchase. While most products  have a guideline when to toss them out based on the date it was opened, this website helps you calculate which products of yours may have expired based on its manufacturing date. This is a site I keep open whenever I need to clean out my makeup stash to see what definitely needs to be chucked.

What are your favorite websites to use to find product information?