Monday, May 20, 2013

Tom Ford Lip Color in Flamingo (& Aphrodisiac) Review

First and foremost, I would like to thank my sister for being generous enough to buy me this lipstick in Flamingo and letting me take photos of her lipstick in Aphrodisiac. I'm sure she bought me this lipstick because she knows I've been eyeing on it for two years but now it's mine! Let's move on to the review shall we?

First of all, look how sleek and sexy the lipstick packaging is (much sexier than the YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick in my humble opinion). At a glance it looks black but when you look at in the light, it is a mahogany color. The lipstick packaging has some weight and feels quite luxurious. And of course it has the lovely signature "TF" printed into the lipstick bullet.

Aphrodisiac (left) and Flamingo (right). 

While technically I don't own Aphrodisiac and I have never worn it, it is a bright yet dark blue-based pink that can even look somewhat red. Flamingo (as seen below) is a bright warm mid-tone pink that is perfect for the summer (or any season!) during the day. I love this color because it isn't very bold but it brightens the face. I also love the lipstick because it is matte (but not drying) and can wear 5-6 hours through eating and drinking. 

Now down to the question everyone is thinking of: is it worth the $48 price? Well maybe, maybe not. For me, it was a gift so I can't say I feel any regret buying it but I would have happily purchased it on my own. I think it is worth it if you have been eyeing on it for a while like me and you have $50 bucks set aside for it. I would consider buying another one but not for a while. In case you were wondering, I bought mine at Saks Fifth Avenue. 

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Tom Ford but I really wish I was. 


  1. Love this post (I have a lipstick obsession) and that colour is perfect for you.
    I recently bought a Chanel lipstick and I agree with you on how much luxurious packaging adds to a product!

    1. It's sad how appealing packaging can be but at this price point, the packaging should be amazing!