Sunday, June 16, 2013

Review: Jouer Matter Moisture Tint

I apologize for the hiatus but I am back with a review. Today's review surrounds the Jouer Matte Moisture Tint in Porcelain. This has been getting much love in the beauty community especially by other oily skinned gals (and guys!) because Jouer finally filled in the missing gap in the market for a matte tinted moisturizer.

As you can see, the packaging is matte like its namesake, which can attract cosmetic grubbiness from your fingertips. However, the packaging is sleek and comes with a generous amount at 1.7 fl. oz./50 ml.

The consistency is quite thick and creamy but it blends out easily into a somewhat powdery finish. It lasts maybe about 6 hours or so on my oily skin using a powder and setting spray. This also provides light-medium coverage. I also like that unlike other tinted moisturizers,  this is more neutral-yellow in tone and does not oxidize or change color. I would recommend this to anyone with oily skin but...

....IT HAS SHIMMER. It actually baffles me that a company would put shimmer in something that is marketed as being matte. While during initial application you don't see the shimmer on your face, you do see the slight shimmer on your fingertips afterwards. You may see the shimmer in certain lighting but it isn't bad. I will admit, I first tried this as a sample, saw the shimmer and was turned off but after a few uses, I was able to over look that aspect and bought the product full-sized.

(Stripe of product on left, swatch blended out on right)
(Somewhat blended out swatch on left, completely blended on right)
(In case you wanted to see the back)

So what's my final opinion on this? I highly suggest getting a sample of this first before trying it, especially if you have oily skin. I was able to get a little jar sample at Nordstrom but I'm not sure all Nordstroms have a Jouer counter. While I was able to overlook the shimmer, this may turn off others. I just wished Jouer skipped out on the shimmer in this "matte" product or not I would truly be in love with this product. 

Available at the Jouer website or at Nordstrom for $38 but I managed to snag mine for 30% off during the Jouer Friends and Family Sale.

Disclaimer: I am not being compensated for this review. None of the links used are affiliate links. All opinions are my own. 


  1. dunno what i think about a shimmer for my skin, but i'll take your advice :) keep in touch @Paloma_Jess